REX Winter Maintenance Bundle
REX Winter Maintenance Bundle
REX Winter Maintenance Bundle

REX Winter Maintenance Bundle

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Your Winter maintenance bundle at a discount price.

DESIGNED FOR WINTER – BETTER PROTECTION AGAINST SNOW, FREEZE AND ROAD SALT Based on the popular Rex Domestique chain lube, the new Rex Arctic is a wax and oil hybrid lube that is resistant to snow, frost and road salt. Its composition has been improved for winter conditions with Rex N-Kinetic hydrophobic polymers. The improved winter properties include even better water resistance and effective corrosion prevention. The viscosity of Rex Arctic is optimized for cold conditions, and it lubricates without congealing even in the hardest frosts.

REX Chain Cleaner - 1L
The special surfactants used in Rex Chain Cleaner increase the wetting properties of the low aromatic hydrocarbon solvent mix, and also create a water-mixable solution that can be used raw or diluted for water for use in chain cleaning machine. Rex Chain Cleaner dissolves oil, wax and other stubborn dirt and makes it water rinsable. We recommend using Rex Chain Cleaner for the drivetrain, the green Rex Bicycle Washfor everything else.

REX Bike Wash - 1L

Rex Bicycle Wash has been verified to be completely safe for anodized aluminum parts in long-term soak tests. It also does not leave a film on brake discs and thus weaken their performance.

REX Bicycle Wash contains water, 100% biodegradable anionic surfactants and complex binders. The mildly foaming detergent with a nice lemon grove scent is manufactured at our factory in Hartola, Finland.