Nordic Gravel Series ranking and rules

Race or Social? From it's first events in 2019 the Nordic Gravel Series has always been about discovering great and scenic gravel routes in great company. We offer event weekends in an inclusive atmosphere whether you are racing or out for a long day on the bike with friends. In addition, all of you participating in two or more events, are eligible to win a brand new BMC 2024 gravel bike from our raffle at the end of the season!

If you are racing and planning to take part in the Nordic Gravel Series ranking please read below for the race competition format.


The results of all time races can be viewed immediately after the competition from the individual event pages on the NGS website. From the event page you can find the event's starting lists prior to the event and online result tracking (intermediate points) during the event. After the competition, the link to the event results will remain on the website event page. Additional links will redirect to the pages on for the event. The updated overall Nordic Gravel Series ranking will be available on the Wednesday following the event.

Results are also shared to Kari Mäkinen's results service (Finnish Cycling) and the Swedish Cycling Federation.

The award ceremony of each event will take place at the event area, near the start and finish area. The podium ceremony involves the top three finishers in each category, men and women, of the long distance. The awards will be presented according to the competition schedule which can be found from the event program. Award recipients must be present 15 minutes before the award ceremony in their competition attire. 

The Nordic Gravel Series follow the rules of Finnish Cycling and Swedish Cycling Federations for the respective events. In Sweden a day (hobby) license of the Swedish Federation or a UCI license is required for being listed in official race results. Information on how to obtain a license can be found from the event pages. In Finland a license is not required for participating in a race, or listing in the official race results.

Gravel events are open to license holders aged 18 and above. The race director acts as chief referee for the individual races. Any disputes related to race results or unrespectful behavior from participants needs to be addressed with the Race Director of the event within one hour after finishing the event.

In addition to the rules of the Finnish and Swedish Cycling Federations, the traffic laws and regulations need to be followed at any time during this competition. Traffic control will be organized along the route, but the roads will not be closed (not a closed circuit race). We encourage participants to exercise caution, even though the race is mainly held on low-traffic sections.


In all timed NGS- events top 30 riders (male/female/non-binary) will score points in the race distance (long distance route). Points are not awarded for the shorter distances. Two (2) best results will determine the overall ranking at the end of the season. Additional 20 points will be awarded by finishing top 30 in all four (4) events and 10 points for top 30 in three (3) events. Both men, women and non-binary will have a separate ranking.

  1. 100p
  2. 80p
  3. 60p
  4. 50p
  5. 45p
  6. 40p
  7. 35p
  8. 30p
  9. 25p
  10. 20p
  11. 19p
  12. 18p
  13. 17p
  14. 16p
  15. 15p
  16. 14p
  17. 13p
  18. 12p
  19. 11p
  20. 10p
  21. 9p
  22. 8p
  23. 7p
  24. 6p
  25. 5p
  26. 4p
  27. 3p
  28. 2p
  29. 1p
  30. 1p

The overall top 3 of the men's and women's category are awarded with a combined 5000€ prize purse, equally distributed.


By registering and signing up for this 2024 Nordic Gravel Series event you acknowledge being in good physical condition and have the required fitness to participate in a sporting event. If you have any medical condition we should be aware of please inform us prior to the start of the event.

You have a personal or cycling federation insurance covering any physical or material damage obtained during the event. Participants are not insured by the organizer. Participants move in the event at their own risk and with their own insurance coverage.

The participant/license holder is responsible for their insurance coverage and solely responsible for any accidents and consequences caused by them. The license holder is also responsible for any consequences caused to third parties. 

You confirm that at the start of the event your bike is in good condition to cover the distance of the event. You understand that wearing a helmet is obligatory for the entire duration of the event. You should carry a smartphone with you at all times in case of emergency and as navigation/orientation device.

The event roads are staffed with marshals at main intersections to assure your safety but you are riding on open roads at all times. This means traffic rules apply at all times for the duration of the event and should be respected.

If you violate any of the terms stated above the organizers have the right to remove you from the event, or prevent you from starting the event.


Behavior - Every participant must comply with the rules of the Nordic Gravel Series and Cycling Finland/Swedish Cycling  as well as the instructions and regulations of the event. Every participant must follow the instructions of the race organizer, officials, and marshals, and be responsible for any possible consequences. In addition each participant accepts the principles of "fair play" and respect for others and commits to abide by these principles when participating in the gravel event.

Offenses and Penalties - In addition to what is stated in the rulebook, violations related to the competition or failure to comply with the rules of SP/SC, event organizer's instructions or guidelines, may result in time penalties, warnings, or disqualification of the rider. The penalties will be determined by the officials.

Equality - We kindly request that you respect other road users as well as other participants in the race and event. We ask participants to commit to an equal, fair, and inclusive event where everyone is welcome as themselves. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Please report any observed instances of discrimination or harassment to the organizers.

Cleanliness We ask that you respect the environment in which we ride. Littering is prohibited. If necessary, you can leave trash at the service areas.