August 20th 2022

Bergslagen (SE)


Bergslagen, located in central Sweden, is the cradle of the Swedish early industrial wonder with its countless mines and iron ores. Historical villages, connected by excellent gravel roads, are spread out amid the vast forests, lively streams and humble hills.

Today Bergslagen Cycling boasts the largest cycling area in Sweden – with over 4200 km of cycle routes. The gravel exploration of the area has just begun, and we invite you to explore the natural beauty and harsh hills in the Kilsbergen mountain range, the picturesque surroundings of Nora as well as the culinary gifts of Grythyttan and beyond. The venue for the event will be the classic outdoor camp Ånnaboda. Routes of 60, 106 and 160km. The event is limited to 500 participants.

This event welcomes riders from all levels and fitness and is not a timed race. We (partly) ride on public roads and ask you to respect traffic rules. We have the exclusive right to use private roads for the day, so do not use or share the event routes prior to or after the event . Respect the environment and your fellow riders.

Event registration Includes:

Participation in the event

Feed zones (1 feed short, 2 feeds regular, and 3 feeds long distance)

Post event food and drink ticket

Covid-19 deferral guarantee

Registrations can be paid for online with a credit/debitcard, ApplePay. If you have questions about payment methods:

Weekend Program 19-20th August


14:30 Rental bike pickup Örebro

15:30 Luggage drop off for Ånnaboda transport

16:00h Warmup Ride Örebro - Ånnaboda - 40km (free)

16:00h Warmup Ride Ånnaboda - Ånnaboda - 40km (free)

17:00-18:00 Rental bike pickup Ånnaboda

18:00 Warmup Ride drinks offered by Komoot

19:00 - 21:00 Riders buffet Ånnaboda


08.00h Event area open (Ånnaboda)

08.00 - 10.30h Event registrations checkin

09.00h Start 160km

10.00h Start 100km

11.00h Start 50km

13-18.300h Post ride food & Relax Area / Lake swim

20-23.59h BBQ + Afterparty

Registrations and Services