August 11-12th 2023

Bergslagen (SE)


This event is part of the Gravel Earth Series 2023

The Bergslagen area, located in central Sweden, is the cradle of the Swedish early industrial wonder with its countless mines and iron ores. Historical villages, connected by excellent gravel roads, are spread out amid the vast forests, lively streams and humble hills.

We invite you to explore the natural beauty and harsh hills in the Kilsbergen mountain range, the picturesque surroundings of Nora as well as the culinary gifts of Grythyttan and beyond. The venue for this years event is Åkerby Herrgård 8km from the beautiful old town of Nora and next to the Fåsjön lake.

Routes of 60, 126 and 194km + a 126 and 194km timed race option. The 194 and 126km race are part of the Gravel Earth Series circuit and category 2 and 3 points are awarded.
The event is limited to 400 participants. We welcome riders from all fitness levels for a social weekend of gravelgrinding.

A GPS device is needed to navigate the routes. Routes can be downloaded from this page (below).

NGS - Gravel Earth Series Startlists

Welcoming riders from 18 countries to the Bergslagen gravel paradise.

"Uniting some of the most impressive events in the world, the Gravel Earth Series was born with the aim of driving Gravel to the highest standards.

Respect for the environment, love for the territory and values with a positive impact are the result of the creation of the first Gravel Earth.

A series of events that inspire and transmit Gravel with all its attractions, the best tracks, the best views with different formats, dream routes and lots of parties."


Different accommodation options for the weekend are available at Åkerby Herrgård

Åkerby Herrgård is hosting the Nordic Gravel Series event area. Hotel room (2 to 6 persons), cottage or camping (tent and mobilehome) options available. On Friday and Sunday a shuttle service Örebro - Åkerby Herrgård will be available (booking in advance).

Use the code NGS23 on reservation

Call +46058791210


Åkerby Herrgård
713 93 Nora

Program 10-12th August 2023


16:30h Komoot Warmup Ride -Kvarteret Bryggeriet Nora from Åkerby Herrgård (42km)


12:00h Rider Shuttle #1 - Örebro Station -Nora - registration required

12:00 - 19:30h Rental bike pickup Åkerby Herrgård

15:00h Rider Shuttle #2 - Örebro Station -Nora - registration required

15:00 - 21:00h Registration check in and numberplates Åkerby Herrgård

15:30h Luggage drop off for Nora luggage transport (Örebro Station)

16:00h Velocio Warmup Ride Örebro - Åkerby Herrgård - 60km by Daniel Rytz (free - registration required)

16:30h Komoot Warmup Ride Nora - 40km by Maya Noriega (free - registration required)

18:00h Rider Shuttle #3 - Örebro Station -Nora - registration required

20:00 - 21:30h Friday Riders Buffet Nora (vegetarian and vegan options available) - registration required


08.00h Åkerby Herrgård event area open (Nora)

08.00 - 08.45h 194km event registrations check in

09.00h Start 194km
Box 1 - GES ranked riders & race
Box 2 - Open category

09.15h - 10.15h 125 & 60km event registrations check in

10.30h Start 125km & 60km

16-20:00h Post ride BBQ (included in registration)

17:30h Podium Ceremony

16 - 21:00h Lakeside Sauna & Drinks


10:00h Rider Shuttle #1 Participants & bike shuttle
Åkerby Herrgård - Örebro Railway Station - registration required

13:00h Rider Shuttle #2 Participants & bike shuttle
Åkerby Herrgård - Örebro Railway Station - registration required

Gravel Earth Series Race & Social Ride
2200 ascending meters

MEDIUM Distance - 125km
GRavel Earth Series Race & Social Ride
1500 ascending meters

SHORT Distance - 60km
Social Ride
800 ascending meters

Course Feed zones

Locations of the feed zones
1 Moshyttan (Ånnaboda) - 39.7km (194 & 125km courses)
2 Berg Gård - 65.3km (194km)
3 Långsmo - 90.7km
4 Hyttfallet (Smalspåret) - 125km (194km) + 81.9km (125km)
5 Striberg 170km (194km) + 37.2km (60km)

Feed zones provide water, isotonic drink, energy chews, sweet and salty snacks.

Rentals & Services

NGS Velocio Women's Jersey Long Sleeve



Velocio Men's Ultralight Rain Vest


WM Rain Vest YL M

Velocio Women's Ultralight Rain Vest

Friday August 11th
Warmup Ride

Join us for the warmup ride on Friday from Åkerby Herrgård (event area) 40km or Örebro Railway Station 60km.
Registration is free but obligatory.

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